Why do we Gift?


By exchanging gifts, you strengthen relationships. You can make life with your companions more joyful, and pleasant.


Some people save gifts for just for special occasions, but I actually disagree.


Arranging surprise gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones can bring about a greater appreciation for the gift, and evoke even greater emotion than when they’re expecting one for the holidays or another occasion.


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This doesn’t mean you should go overboard with random gift giving (you definitely don’t want to dull the significance), or skip the special occasions, however think about throwing in something extra for those special people in your life. If they ask why, tell them it’s just because.


Gifting plays an important role in our society, and at times our culture requires it, for example, Christmas or birthday gifts. It is so important that sometimes we stress ourselves thinking about the right gift for someone.


My advice: don’t stress and if you don’t know what to get someone take a second to process it….. Do they have an expensive taste, or do they appreciate the little things?


What’s their profession? Could you get them something useful to help with their work? What about any hobbies? You could probably find something they like without breaking the bank.


If you can’t think of something along those lines, the traditional gifts are still very viable options things like jewelry, clothing, gift cards, etc… will still do the trick. Lastly you could also look into something custom or personalized as a gift.


Now that we’ve covered different types of gifts and when to give them. I am going to tell you why you should give them. Here we go:


To build and strengthen relationships


We often give gifts to rekindle, or further strengthen our connections with other people. Through our gifts we show our appreciation for everything the recipient is in our lives; in return they recognize our appreciation and it builds a stronger bond.


A way of indicating love and devotion

In one way or another, gifts can be used to show love and devotion between two partners.

For example, couples have anniversaries every year to reaffirm their commitment to each other, and celebrate how far they’ve come. They give gifts to commemorate the day and remember it moving forward. Coming equipped with a gift shows that the significance of such a day isn’t taken lightly.


For fun and camaraderie

Gift giving isn’t something that has to be so lovey-dovey all the time either, sometimes it’s fun to surprise your friends, colleagues, and family members with nice gifts. This can come in the form of consumables, or some nice trinkets. Whatever it be, there’s no need to go overboard the receiver should appreciate the gesture regardless.


To help others

Sometimes the greatest gifts aren’t the expensive jewels and clothes, cars or shoes. Sometimes they’re just the basics: words of encouragement when someone’s down, a helping hand when someone is struggling, or a meal for the homeless. It’s these basics that some us will appreciate far more than the materialistic items that are typically given.



As I mentioned there are many reasons to gift. But don’t get too caught up in how much to spend or what to get someone for a particular day. Just remember the actions you take day in and day out dictate the strength of the bond you have between your loved ones, and nice gift is just an added touch. 


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