Shipping and Delivery :

1. Where are you based?

We are based out of New York. Our Fulfillment center is located in Hanover, New Jersey.

2. How can I track my order?

Once your order has been fulfilled you will receive an email with tracking information. If you do not get this email, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

3. When will I receive my order if I order today?

You can see an estimated delivery time if you place your order today on each product. Note that this is just estimated and it may be shorter or longer depending on how busy we are, and the shipping option you chose at checkout.

4. Do you ship internationally?

We do! We ship with USPS to international locations

5. What if my tracking says “Label Created”

All of our products are handmade. Because of this we will sometimes print your shipping label a day or two before the product actually gets shipped. Additionally the shipping provider is sometimes delayed by a day or two. So it is possible that your tracking could show Label Created for a number of days, but don’t worry you will still get your order!

6. What if my package is lost or stolen?

We will cover lost stolen or damaged packages if you order your product with our shipping protection. You will see an option in checkout to add shipping protection.

Returns and Refunds :

1. What is your return policy?

Because we sell custom products, we do not accept returns. If you do not receive your product we will send you another one free of charge if you purchased shipping protection. Refund requests that are a result of the following: Uploading incorrect photos, placing an incorrect or insufficient shipping address, or anything else at the discretion of our team will not be granted. Refunds will however be granted for issues caused by our staff and team.

Lovebox :

1. Does the lovebox come ready to gift?

Yes. The Lovebox comes fully assembled ready to be gifted to that special someone.

2. How do I upload photos?

You upload photos right on the website. Just click chose 18 images and you can add whatever photos you like.

3. Can I gift this to a friend, or someone I am not romantically engaged with?

Yes! Absolutely! So many people give our lovebox to friends and family members. It’s a perfect gift to show someone they are special to you!

Influencers :

1. I am an influencer. How can I collaborate with your company?

Go to contact us and send us an email saying you are an influencer and let’s work something out!