Why you should be sending love letters:

Sending a love letter is a way to express your love and care. In the ancient era, people used this way to express their feelings to their loved ones. Today, people are using internet social media apps to express their affections. 

Most people still believe that writing a letter by hand for anyone special and sending it looks more romantic than a text or call. 

If you believe that it is unnecessary to actually write a love letter read this blog post as I will prove you wrong. Here are the reasons why love letters are important:


It’s an unforgettable way to touch your loved one

Sending a handwritten love letter is a memorable way to remember your loved ones. A thoughtful correspondence may be treasured for a long time. Visit just about any background museum and you'll be stuck with the effect a letter could have. 

Countless possessions during history have decayed to dust, but fragile pieces of paper are protected for generations since powerful words are worth reading over and over.  


It makes people happier 

If you want to feel unforgettable happiness then you have to write a letter of love. Both parties, sender, and receiver will feel ultimate happiness and joy due to this act.

This is not as strange as it seems. Telling your friends how much you enjoy them enables you to count your blessings and feel the beauty in your life.  


Shows the importance of a relation

Taking the time to send a thoughtful note indicates you cherish a relationship and want to invest in it. This cannot just strengthen a friendship or a union, it is also a strategic way to grow loyalty with customers and business partners.  


The wonderful thing to do

We write to remind people they are unique and very special. Handwritten characters are classy. They allow you to set  yourself apart as a lady or gentleman, since not many people are still writing letters.


It helps you stop long to state things  

Texting and email are mostly reactionary. You require information, to reach out. Writing letters is  more deliberate. You take action to give, not just get. You write since there is something you will need to state, not something you will need to understand.  


It will be a lovely surprise

Remember when getting mail was enjoyable? You never knew what you might find. Now, it's mainly a pile of bills and other stuff. You can be the woman who rescues her friends from the drudgery of contemporary mail! 

Put something interesting in their mailbox and you just might make their day.

It's a true tradition 

After you send handwritten letters, you are participating in one of history's finest rituals. If we take a look at history many well-known people used this way to express their love and care. 

Writing a letter is known as traditional and old people are missing this tradition in this modern era. 


A cherishing medium for relatives and friends  

To young people, mail can seem outdated or boring; however, for older generations, it's a tradition full of sentiment. Even if your older relatives know how to text, they love slicing open a handwritten letter.  


It is a chance to show your classic handwriting


The majority of us spent hours in school practicing our print and cursive; but now that we are "grownups," we never get to show off our skills! For you talented calligraphers, handwritten letters will be your 15 minutes of fame. 

Or, if you're like me, composing letters offers you a chance to enhance your adorable scribbling.  

A simpler and classic way to express love

Well-written cards can be a bit of the cheapest and most meaningful gifts you will ever give. With some strokes of the pen, you have the ability to promote your love, inspire a buddy, or kindle a love affair.

The hardest part is getting started, so let's make it simple. Who do you love most in life? If you could only speak to them one more time, what would you inform them? Write down that at the moment.


We should start composing love letters rather than buying your loved ones pricey presents, why not try using them a well-thought-out letter instead?  

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